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 Employee of the Quarter

2nd Quarter 2023

Jeanene Lathrom, Accounting Clerk II

Jeanene's exceptional skills in bridging interdepartmental relationships, her ability to adapt to new changes, especially in the realm of technology, her unwavering commitment to championing innovation within the finance department, her dedication to becoming a better trainer to impart knowledge to new employees, and her overall courtesy and respect make her a truly exceptional employee. 

She effectively communicates, works to solve problems, and contributes to a harmonious work environment.  Whether she is shadowing with individuals to learn how to effectively support their teams or helping individuals navigate conflicts with outside vendors, her efforts have strengthened cross-functional cooperation, leading to increased efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Jeanene embodies the values of courtesy and respect in every interaction she has.  Her professionalism and empathy create an inclusive and supportive work environment where everyone feels valued and heard.  Her genuine interest in her colleagues' well-being and her willingness to lend a helping hand have made her an invaluable team member. 

Pay Period

  • Pay Period Ends -  Saturday, 9/16/2023
  • Time Cards Due -   Monday, 9/18/2023
  • Coordinator Approval - Tuesday, 9/19/2023
  • Payday -  Friday, 9/29/2023