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 Employee of the Quarter

3rd Quarter 2019

Katherine “KH” Harris, JobLink, Employment Consultant

This goes far beyond just the last quarter. KH has been a tireless advocate for a shared consumer, going above and beyond time and again to help support this individual. She has worked with this consumer on hygiene, has driven them around looking for potential employment, and has been a critical component of this person’s support team that goes beyond her job description. Even though this individual has decided to no longer seek employment, KH put in a year and a half of effort talking with employers, doing job tryouts, discussing hygiene, brainstorming, and just getting the consumer out of his home when many others would be stopped at the front door.


Pay Period

  • Pay Period Ends -  Saturday, 10/19/2019
  • Time Cards Due -   Monday, 10/21/16/2019
  • Coordinator Approval - Tuesday, 10/22/2019
  • Payday -  Thursday, 10/31/2019